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Cutting-Edge Internet Marketing welcomes you to one of the few marketing mediums that is still "wide open" and available for the taking: Organic/Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Our tech-savvy clients know that "everything is moving online." They equally admit that "fishing for clients" using dated (and expensive) advertising mediums is far less effective and targeted than having prospective clients who need their services find them in the top search engines. This is the most convenient and preferred venue utilized today in searches for law firms and medical specialists, and the skyrocketing number of monthly searches in any of the top three search engines backs this up.

So, who are we? We are a team of highly trained SEO experts with a proven track record of getting law firms and medical practices to the tops of major search engines in the credibility-enhancing "Organic" (free/natural) section. We help our clients avoid the potentially steep cost and cut-throat competitiveness associated with pay-per-click campaigns. Our goal is not to "trick" or "manipulate" search engines into granting our clients favorable listings. Quite the contrary – we enhance our clients' websites in accordance with each major search engine's acceptable guidelines in an effort to enhance the relevance of its listings. Each key phrase our clients desires is highly relevant to the practice, and the search engines not only readily accept such submissions, they often reward them with favorable rankings over time.

Since 2001, has provided its national client base with Web development and Organic SEO solutions that evolve along with the ever-changing search engine algorithms. This is critical because each time a search engine changes the criteria for the order of its listings, every single entry in its database is affected. Our goal is to minimize the negative impact of these changes, and maximize our clients' positioning after our adjustments.

Through the years, SEO has taken on so many different connotations, and has largely become open to individual interpretation. At, we take "SEO" at its literal meaning – Search Engine Optimization – which means, quite simply, we optimize your legal and medical website so that it gains favorable rankings within the "search engine" part of a search directory. Other Internet marketing companies often interchange "SEO" and "Pay-Per-Click," and to us, the two couldn't be more different. Confused? You're not alone. Check out our "Why Us" section for more insight.


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