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ABOUT US strives to provide exceptional Organic search engine optimization (SEO) to clients in the legal, medical and financial industries at rates that won't break the bank. We are a full-service Web development company, but only build and redesign websites for our SEO clients. We have witnessed, through the years, that a website utilizing a strong Organic SEO campaign is infinitely more likely to succeed than one that uses more "traditional" methods of advertising, or worse, no advertising at all. We believe so strongly in Organic/Natural SEO that it has become the focal point of our new business model. With an eye for perfection, attention to detail, excellent listening skills and timely communication, our customer service and work ethic are second to none.


Founded in 2001 as, we have enjoyed eight years of growth and prosperity, forging quality, lasting relationships with our clients. On June 15th, 2006, we changed our corporate name from to Web 50 Solutions, Inc. Because one of the things we emphasize is "branding" and "name recognition" we decided to practice what we preach. Many people had trouble remembering our domain name, the fact that it was .net and not .com, and if they did remember, some would often misspell it. So we went with a simple, five-character domain - Unmistakable. Unforgettable. And much more symbolic of our national operation.

In an industry that makes many non-techs nervous, we strived to raise the bar - and our clients' expectations. We got tired of hearing of "horror stories" that our clients have experienced within the Web development industry. Our philosophy was simple: Treat clients with respect, be honest and up front, and always act in a professional and courteous manner. We reaped the rewards: A good portion of our business is referral-based, and many of our clients build and optimize multiple sites with us.


On Aug. 25, 2009, re-branded itself as an Internet marketing company specializing in Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Because of many successes within the legal, health care/medical and financial industries, we decided to specialize in those fields. Through the years we have noted that small websites hoping to compete with the "big boys" with no aspirations of advertising - were doomed even before their website went live. With the economy in the tank, many businesses are slashing their advertising budgets and seeking more cost-effective solutions that will pack the same punch. Our product meets and exceeds that expectation.

"Build it and they will come," whispers a man in a desolate Iowa corn field in the legendary movie "Field of Dreams."He was, of course, talking about a baseball stadium - not a website. Without proper online advertising - namely Organic SEO - no one will know that your website exists. Sure, you might get the occasional visit from someone following a link on your business card, or finding your Web address in a "yellow" directory, but those rare occurrences are hardly enough to justify all of the hard work (and expense) put in to building your website. We've seen it time and time again - websites that do not advertise generally fold in fewer than two years. For this reason, we have honed in on a niche client base that not only is succeeding, but thriving due to our Internet marketing services.

Why should a legal, medical or financial website begin an organic SEO campaign now? Quite simply, their competitors likely are doing it, which means they're losing tons of business in this medium because their competitors are being found in online searches. Another big reason is that Organic SEO - especially in the legal industry - still is in its infantile stages. So many huge law firms that have billboards plastered all over town or dominate every "yellow" directory have yet to discover the virtues of Organic Search Engine Optimization. Another reason is fear - many established attorneys are scared to embrace technology. We know; we meet (and usually convert) many of these people on a weekly basis!

Point being, this is one of the few mediums where a smaller law firm, medical/health care practice or financial corporation can compete with the giants - and in many cases, even trump them. The best part? It can be done at a fraction of the cost of any other major advertising medium.


We still are a full-service Web development corporation for our SEO clients. We build custom websites in nearly every language, including PHP, ASP, .NET, XML and Java. We have in-house Flash specialists who can whip up anything our clients desire for that extra-special visual "wow factor."

With a focus on quality SEO and all it entails, launched an editorial department, comprised of seasoned researchers, writers and editors, to write key-phrase-rich articles to enhance our clients websites and SEO campaigns. Many of our writers and editors are former journalists, with a knack for fact-checking and an uncanny attention to the slightest details.


We are extremely excited about our re-branding, and look forward to continuing to bring clients in our niche market online success via Organic SEO. With clients in 39 states and four countries, we are confident that our proven and ever-evolving model, along with our personalized touch, will continue to catapult our clients to the tops of major search engines for years to come.