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Organic SEO for Real Estate Attorneys

Organic SEO for Real Estate Attorneys

With the recent economic spiral, real estate lawyer marketing is critical to keeping your firm’s business going. Because sellers and buyers both need your services, you might feel that your marketing dollar is being cut in half, as you have to specifically appeal to each.

Many lawyers who specialize in other areas of practice dominate radio, television and billboards. You might think that would leave you with few options: your local “yellow” directory and referrals from real estate agents and mortgage companies. We offer you a much less-expensive, more-effective alternative to marketing your firm: Organic SEO for your website.

Web 50 Solutions, Inc. offers effective real estate attorney marketing on the Web. Specializing solely in Organic search engine optimization for attorneys, we apply methods that have been proven to get our clients’ website listings to the top of major search engines. The major search engines crave the info we provide on your behalf, and your website usually is rewarded with credibility, relevance and top rankings over time.

Whether or not you already have a website, we can help you establish a credible Web presence with relevant content, key phrases of your choosing and powerful link-building – all of which are key to catapulting your listings to the top of the major search engines. We can optimize your existing website, or we can build one from the ground up, employing optimization and usability techniques along the way. Either method is designed to ensure that your website is relevant and its credibility is enhanced, which is critically important when focusing on Web-based real estate lawyer marketing.

What’s more, we cater to small and medium-sized firms – the ones that don’t have unlimited budgets for expensive pay-per-click ad campaigns. Some large law firms do this, paying upward of $40 per click for select key phrases. We don’t want their business. As smaller firms now are realizing the power of the Internet, we want to help market their firms smarter by using inexpensive, yet proven Organic methods to compete with the "powerhouses." can successfully win top search engine rankings using proven Organic SEO strategies for real estate attorney clients who specialize in residential real estate, foreclosures, commercial real estate, landlord/tenant laws, construction liens, escrow, zoning and many other areas of practice. Call us to schedule a consultation today!