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At this point, most visitors expect to see case studies, and at the very least, links to sites with which we’ve had great success, plus a list of key phrases to prove our claims. Well, we don’t believe in doing that, much to the delight of our clients. Now before you condemn us for this, or start believing we have something to hide, consider the following:

Question: Why do Internet marketing companies place their links at the bottom of their clients’ websites?
Answer: Not only do they do this, they showcase their clients' websites in their "portfolio" section. They love using their clients as tools to gain new clients. More specifically, YOUR COMPETITORS. Think about it. If you’re a law firm, medical clinic or CPA, and your competitors constantly show up on the first page of the major search engines, wouldn’t you want that? Wouldn’t you go with the company that has successfully optimized your competitors? That’s what the Internet marketing companies are banking on. So, as the “valued client,” your reward for being a loyal, paying customer is inevitable competition from your rivals.

Question: Who benefits from this technique?
Answer: Each website that one of the aforementioned Internet marketing companies optimizes is a proverbial feather in its cap. It’s free advertising for that company! Obviously, the SEO company benefits. What does the client get out of it? Punished. One of the most visible differences between us and our competitors is that we REFUSE To place our logo/link at the bottom of our clients’ websites. We’re a white-label SEO company, and have strict NDAs in place with most of our clients. We cannot confirm nor deny that a particular website was developed or is being optimized by us. Our techniques are extremely effective, and in most cases, we’re able to successfully top websites that have been practicing organic SEO for years, in a short period of time. We have no desire to optimize our clients’ competitors – we are rooting for our clients. We like to keep our clients’ competitors guessing.

Question: How do we know you’re legit if we can’t see evidence of websites you’ve successfully optimized?
Answer: We have received written permission from numerous clients – many of whom have been with us for years – to show their sites and provide extensive demonstrations for prospective clients in person or via video conference. Rest assured, after a discussion with us, there will be little doubt as to our credentials or capabilities.


Now this is a different story! As we don’t do Web design/development for the masses anymore (only our SEO clients), we are able to showcase a few of the many sites we’ve done through the years. Each and every one was custom built – we didn’t publish it until the client was 100% satisfied. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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