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Newspaper Advertising

  • A Dying Medium: The cost of newsprint continues to skyrocket, and newspapers nationwide are cutting staff. Many are folding, due to a huge dip in ad revenue and readership. The industry has seen its biggest one-year drop in ad revenue since 1950, when annual revenue tracking began. In 2007, total print advertising revenue plunged 9.4% compared to 2006. There’s a reason longtime advertisers are pulling out of this medium – with readership declining and publications moving online, there are far better alternatives for their marketing dollars.
  • Online Publications? Conventional wisdom would suggest that, as newspapers move online, their advertising options would pack the same punch as they once did in the print version. Reality suggests otherwise. Marketing specialists with online publications use “impressive” Internet buzzwords like “hits, impressions, views, unique impressions, unique views” – It’s enough to make your head spin! What do these terms mean? They vary from publication to publication – and almost always in ways that favor the publication. These terms are used to conjure up “impressive” numbers of “visitors” to your website. The bottom line is that the actual “click-thru” rate on banner ads and links from these online publications is extremely low.
  • I want it NOW! Regardless of their interpretation, one fact remains: Internet surfers have short attention spans. If they go to a newspaper’s website, they likely want to read the news and sports “of the moment” – not view (or click on) some obtrusive ad that – in some cases – delays them from getting to the information they seek. Online newspaper advertising is great for “household name” companies, to reinforce their dominance. But for the small business (or law firm) trying to compete with these conglomerates? Not so much.

AVERAGE COST: This varies greatly depending on the newspaper. However, our clients tell us they spend or have spent AN AVERAGE OF SEVERAL THOUSAND per month, per publication – print, and online. Organic SEO

  • Prime Location: We work diligently to get your company prominently indexed atop all three major search engines – Google, Yahoo and BING – under search terms directly related to your business. These are the most desired “locations” on the Internet! We do not charge per search engine – placement in all three engines is included in our low, monthly SEO rate.
  • Targeted? Absolutely! The major difference between Organic SEO and billboard advertising is that people who type in key phrases pertinent to your product or service in search engines are searching for you! This is targeted advertising at its best, and you don’t have to bank on someone “maybe” needing your services, “maybe” viewing your billboard, “maybe” writing down your contact information, and “maybe” calling. With one click from your search engine listing, they’re on your website, learning all about you and your law firm.