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TV Advertising

  • Many Choices, But… There are literally hundreds of television stations in any given market (including cable or satellite), with each station competing for your advertising dollars. Which do you choose? How do you choose?
  • Costly Repetition: With television advertising, repetition is key. Your ad must run over and over before it “sticks.” That translates to thousands and possibly tens of thousands of dollars before people begin to learn who you are.
  • Absorption: When your ads run, they’re seen by many – but how many people are actually absorbing what they’re seeing? Many people tend to walk away from their televisions when commercials come on. That’s a lot of waste.
  • Targeted? If people are watching to your commercial, what are the chances that they actually need your service? You’re broadcasting to the masses, hoping that a small percentage will identify with your message or product. Is this really “targeted advertising?” Even if those watching your ads need your services, chances are they’re caught up in the program or sporting event they’re watching. How likely is it that they’ve written down your phone number or Web address, or even remembered your name?

AVERAGE COST: This varies greatly depending on station, time, etc. However, our clients tell us they spend or have spent AN AVERAGE OF $3,000 per month, per television station. Organic SEO

  • No “Station” Decision: We work diligently to get your company prominently indexed atop all three major search engines – Google, Yahoo and BING – under search terms directly related to your business. We do not charge per search engine – placement in all three engines is included in our low, monthly SEO rate.
  • Targeted? Absolutely! The major difference between Organic SEO and television advertising is that people who type in key phrases pertinent to your practice in search engines are searching for you! This is targeted advertising at its best!