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Organic SEO for Litigation Lawyers

Organic SEO for Litigation Lawyers

Many of the lawyers in this country don’t see the inside of a courtroom very often. Some prefer not to set foot in one. However, for the litigation attorney, a courtroom is like a second home. Your area of practice is highly specialized, so marketing your firm could prove challenging. You might think that your sole option is to buy an ad in your local “Yellow” directory. There are a few problems with this method of litigation attorney marketing:

  • “Yellow” directory ads are expensive. Campaigns easily can eat up thousands of dollars each time a new edition is published.
  • “Yellow” directory ad sales are declining. Corporate budgets are getting smaller, but the prices for ads are increasing each year to make up for the lack of volume.
  • The Internet is becoming the peoples' choice for search of legal representation.

Let’s focus on the last point – the Internet. In the search engine of your choice, perform a search for a litigation attorney in your state, county or even city. Chances are that the numbers will astonish you. This is where an increasing number of litigation attorney marketing budgets are being spent. Look closer: Who are at the top of the search results? Your competitors.

Savvy Web surfers know that what they need is usually just a few well-chosen key phrases and a click of the mouse away. The listings that receive the most clicks from these users (and potentially getting the most business) are the ones at the top of the search results. It could be that many of these competitors know a little about SEO – but it could also be that they’re just lucky. Our experience is more of the latter. Notice the “sponsored ads.” It’s likely that you’ll see your competitors there, which means that they are throwing money at the search engines to be at "the top." This is where we can help.

Web 50 Solutions, Inc. specializes in getting our clients' websites to the top of the major search engines. We provide top-notch Web design and development, and proven Organic SEO strategies aimed at litigation lawyer marketing, designed to steadily move your listing to the top of the search engines. We’ll even host your site for free. All this for one low monthly fee – no nickel and diming. can successfully win top search engine rankings using proven Organic SEO strategies for litigation attorneys who specialize in individual litigation, employment litigation, government agency litigation, financial litigation, contract litigation and many other areas of practice. Call us today to see how we can help you!