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“Yellow” Directories

  • Which One Is “Real?” There are many “yellow” directories out there. In which company’s directory should you advertise?
  • Costly Options: Once you’ve picked a directory/company, you’re faced with another crucial decision: In which zone do you advertise? Each directory has dozens of zones, each covering a specific area. Each zone carries its own separate cost.
  • Inconvenient: People seeking your goods or services must have the directory present. What if they need to find you from a location other than their home or office?
  • Antiquated: As each new “yellow” directory book comes out, existing books become dated. So if you advertised in one “yellow” directory, another “yellow” company’s directory – which arrives several months later – could easily make your book obsolete. Individuals and businesses tend to keep just one “yellow” directory – the most recent, in many cases – regardless of the “yellow” directory company.
  • You Must Pay to Play: Listing your phone number in an alphabetical listing is not sufficient. Additional expense is incurred in having separate ad placements. Size and location are key. You pay a steep price for prime placement, and advertisers must maintain uninterrupted campaigns of the same level with a “Yellow” directory company to keep that placement.
  • Uneven Playing Field: “Yellow” directory companies give placement preference according to longevity. So, if you’re a new advertiser, you will be placed at the end of your category, behind all of the ads that are the same size as yours. The only way to improve this placement is to either purchase a larger ad, or spend tens of thousands of dollars over many years to maintain the ad position within its size category.
  • New Format; Same Tricks: In recent years, “yellow” directories have acknowledged that “everything is going online.” This is evident by their enhanced online directories and “new advertising opportunities” on their websites. The competition is stiff – so many of the “yellow” directories’ clients pay hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars to place their ads in an online “yellow” directory format. Placement usually is determined by the amount spent on the online directory advertising campaign. It’s the same business model that they use in their hardcopy books.

AVERAGE COST: Many of our clients used to spend ON AVERAGE $3,000 per month, per book. This included several zones within their targeted geographic area. Organic SEO

  • No ifs, ands or… “zones:” We work diligently to get your business listing prominently indexed atop three major search engines – Google, Yahoo and BING – under search terms directly related to your industry, location and specialty. We do not charge per search engine – placement in all three engines is included in our low, monthly SEO rate.
  • Accessibility: Search engines are accessible from any computer that has Internet access. No need to rummage through your drawers or reach for the top shelf of your closet for some book. Also, your listings can be reached via search engines from most mobile devices!
  • Convenience: Online searches have become the easiest way for prospective clients to find what they need “NOW!” The word “Google” has become a household name – not just as a directory, but as a “verb.” To “Google” something means to search for a desired product or service in a search engine directory – most likely “Google.” Can’t think of an easier way to find what you’re looking for? Neither can we.
  • Individuality: With Organic SEO, you’re not lumped in a formatted directory with dozens (or even hundreds) of your competitors. Your listing shows up on the front pages of the top search engines, and the prospective client goes straight to your website when your listing is clicked.
  • Level Playing Field? Think all of your competitors are already doing this? Not by a long-shot! Most law firms are just beginning to discover the virtues of Organic SEO. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor and really make a name for your law firm. Remember, search engines place a lot of weight on site longevity – meaning, the longer you’ve had a favorable ranking with those search engines, the more likely you are to stay atop your competitors who join late.