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Organic SEO for Estate/Probate Attorneys (Wills and Trusts)

Organic SEO for Estate/Probate Attorneys (Wills and Trusts)

The world of the estate and probate attorney is one of ensuring that the best interests of the estate are met. Protecting the estates of your clients is your life’s work. You’re probably not as well-versed in probate lawyer marketing, and that’s understandable. The path of least resistance is most likely an ad in your local “yellow” directory. A new directory comes out every few months, so you have to buy another ad for every new edition. That quickly becomes a very expensive marketing strategy – with a questionable ROI.

But, did you know that thousands of estate and probate attorney law firms in your state already reside on the Internet? A quick search using a top search engine for a an estate/probate lawyer in your state, county or city might shock you. You might already have created a website offering your services in your local area, and that’s a start. But, what many don’t think about when creating a website, is how to conduct an effective estate/probate attorney marketing strategy using that website. An effective website should lead people to your door.

Web 50 Solutions, Inc. specializes in just that type of strategy. We'd help you boost your visibility so prospective clients are not only able to find you, but know exactly how to contact you. We offer estate/probate attorney marketing for websites at a fraction of the cost of a full-page “yellow” directory ad. We employ Organic SEO and link-building methods that are custom-tailored to your firm's needs.

We don’t cater to the huge law firms; our focus is the small-to-medium-sized practice that wants to compete with the “big guns” – without blowing the budget to pieces. We employ proven methods, including Organic SEO, which helps level the playing field against the larger firms. We also offer website development and hosting to our SEO clients, and will design a clean, attractive, branded website that reflects your practice – always with the goal of getting prospective clients to contact you firmly in mind. can successfully win top search engine rankings using proven Organic SEO strategies for estate and probate attorneys who specialize in estate planning, wills, power of attorney, probate, elder law, estate income tax management, estate settlement, estate property sales and many other areas of practice. Call us today to see how we can help you!