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Organic SEO for Estate/Probate Attorneys (Wills and Trusts)

What is Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a highly effective method by which an Internet marketing company (like works to help your website achieve first-page rankings in the "natural" section of major search engines.

Do I pay each time someone clicks on a link to my site?
No. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising campaigns are mutually exclusive of our services. With Organic SEO, we don’t penalize you for success – the more clicks you get, the merrier – and the better we’ve done our job! Everything is covered under our low monthly charge, and there are no hidden fees.

What is the major difference between Organic SEO and PPC?
We work diligently to get your listings atop the major search engines on the left-hand (or non-sponsored) side. With PPC (Pay-Per-Click), you must maintain a hefty balance with each search engine, and a predetermined amount is deducted from your balance each time someone “clicks” on your website’s link. Once your balance runs out in a PPC campaign (which could happen in just a few hours), you have two choices: watch your listing disappear, or add more funds.

Does Web50 offer its clients any promises or guarantees?
We guarantee that we will do our utmost to get your website well positioned under your desired key phrases in the major search engines, as we have done for so many of our clients. We do not control the search engines, or their algorithms. We do, however, have an excellent grasp of what the search engines are looking for, to which many of our clients can attest, and we are constantly monitoring their changing trends to keep you ranked highly. So, the bottom line is – though we can’t guarantee your placement on any given search term, we can point to many satisfied clients who can vouch for our services and success.

How quickly can Web50 deliver top rankings for our site?
Organic SEO does not deliver instant results. In order to benefit from high, LASTING rankings, we must persuade the search engines that your site offers relevant content under the search terms of your choice. The search engines visit your website and determine this at their own pace and discretion. Of course, we are proficient and up-to-date in the key criteria they seek, which is how we code your website. We use only “white hat” Organic SEO techniques. This means we only employ “legal” techniques that are encouraged, and eventually rewarded by the search engines.

  • Within the first three months of your organic SEO campaign, you will begin to see some of your desired key phrases appearing on the first few pages of the top search engines. This means that the search engines have “accepted” your website, and have found it to be credible, with relation to your desired search terms.
  • Within three to six months, you will see some of those key phrases parse the first page of these search engines, which is the ultimate goal.
  • In six months to a year, you most likely will see many of your desired search terms on the first page of a given search engine.

The bottom line here is PATIENCE. Optimal placement takes time – there are no shortcuts. Our clients agree the results are worth the patience.

Why employ Web50 over dozens of solicitations I receive?
Most of these individuals provide only a phone number or non-traceable e-mail addresses, and cannot point to a website where you can learn more about their services. There often is no way to establish whether they are legit. Additionally, many of these individuals use “black hat” SEO methods, which are “illegal“ techniques that could gain your site favorable placement for a short time, before search engines get wise to you and take disciplinary action against your website, which could be as severe as a lifetime ban. Such a ban is nearly impossible to reverse. Always consider the source.

Can we use our existing website? What about hosting?
In most cases, yes. As long as you own the code to your website, we can work with it. Relevant, key-phrase rich content is extremely important to a successful Organic SEO campaign. We will analyze your site, along with your list of desired key phrases, and make recommendations for optimal placement results. If you host with another company and employ their services for Web maintenance, they could negate some of our work, which could hinder your Organic SEO results. As a result, offers free Web hosting for all of our SEO clients, and requires hosting unless special (and rare) circumstances are involved.

I’ve achieved my results. Why do I still pay monthly?
Getting your listings to the tops of major search engines is only half the battle. Chances are competition is extremely fierce in your area of practice, and geographic location. Remember – your competitors are doing it, too. Aggressive link-building campaigns and weekly monitoring of your listings must be done to ensure that you stay on top.

What happens if I quit or suspend my SEO account?
The major search engines need to see steady improvement on your site’s relevance and page rank in order to increase your site’s favorability, in terms of placement. Any interruption to your service could negate some of the results we’ve worked so hard to achieve, as your competitors, who have not suspended their optimization campaigns with their SEO marketing companies, could easily overtake you. Over time, your listings will fall, and be overtaken by other competitors who are employing Organic SEO techniques.

How can I justify this given the state of the economy?
How can you not? Everything is moving online. Some individual search engines are becoming household names, and there is no denying that search engines are the easiest and most accessible mediums in which a consumer can find the services he or she seeks. In most cases, our monthly rate is substantially lower than what you’re paying for more ineffective forms of advertising. As 2009 comes to a close, we urge you to review your current advertising budget and compare our monthly rate to your expenses for every other advertising medium. Then, open your Internet browser and search for key phrases relevant to your practice. See how many of your competitors show up, see if your listing is anywhere to be found, then ask yourself how much business you’re losing to them!