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  • Ambiguous: How do our competitors define “SEO?” Each has a different connotation of the term, and as a result, its practices and methodologies differ substantially. Most Internet marketing companies define SEO as a management of their clients’ PPC campaigns. But how exactly is that “Optimization?” How are websites being “optimized?” They’re not. PPC advertising campaigns are easy to launch and easy to maintain. The hard part falls on the clients’ shoulders – coming up with all of the money you must pay each search engine for a PPC campaign. The harder part is replenishing that money once it runs out. If you don’t replenish it? Your listing disappears. We don’t consider this “optimization” of any sort.
  • Commission: Some search engines pay Internet marketing companies hefty commissions for maintaining PPC campaigns for others. Naturally, there are incentives for these companies to “push” PPC marketing campaigns to their clients. It’s win-win for the PPC providers, as well as the Internet marketing companies. For the client? Not so much.
  • No Experience? No Problem! It’s tough to find someone who does not offer PPC services these days, or profess to be an expert. The search engines have made it so attractive to the masses to become resellers for these services, that many people who have zero knowledge about the product are now proclaiming themselves SEO “gurus.” Some search engines even offer seminars and training sessions – open to anyone – to get individuals or companies “certified” to be their resellers Organic SEO

  • We Can’t Be Bought: is in nobody’s pocket. We don’t owe search engines anything, and we don’t make deals with them that will put money in our pocket at the expense of our clients. We made our case as to how Organic SEO offers far greater value to the client than PPC advertising campaigns. We will stick to that regardless of how many “incentives” we’re offered to push PPC campaigns. Our clients’ success is paramount, and our good name and reputation are not for sale.
  • Why We’re Successful: Though we don’t directly contribute to making the search engines rich (in terms of profiting from pushing PPC campaigns), we do offer a them a far greater benefit, for which we – and our clients – are rewarded. The major search engines’ main struggle through the years has been “relevance.” A search engine that Web surfers can best count on to find relevant searches related to their desired key phrases will garner the greatest reputation, and hence, will become the search engine of choice. Through our comprehensive website setup and optimization methods, we ensure that only “white hat” techniques are used. This means we offer the search engines relevant, comprehensive content that would be of great value to Web surfers. These “white hat” techniques are not only sanctioned by the search engines, they’re rewarded. Thus, over time, our clients enjoy top placement in the Organic section of a given search engine.
  • We Won’t Break the Bank: With our services, you’re paying a one-time setup fee, and a low monthly charge for continued optimization, analysis and link building. You won’t have to worry about your listings disappearing because your “balance” has run out. And most of all – we won’t penalize you each time someone clicks on your listing. We want people to click on your listings – again and again and again!