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Organic SEO for Business & Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Organic SEO for Business Lawyers

The recent economic downturn has turned many laid-off workers into small business owners. Many who start new businesses might not think about the legal aspects of starting a business at a kitchen table. But, there are many who do. How will these enthusiastic new entrepreneurs find you?

Business attorney marketing can be intimidating. You know plenty about your area of expertise, but maybe not so much about how to market your firm. You might have an ad in your local “yellow” directory, which needs to be renewed on a regular basis, because new editions are being published every other month. But is it giving you a satisfying ROI? Some firms have websites, but very few show up at the top of the search results – and they're taking all that business!

Many large firms employ costly pay-per-click campaigns. This involves paying a very large retainer fee up front, and for every click on the “sponsored ad,” they are charged a fee, depending on the “value” of the key phrase used. Some key phrases for attorneys go for as much as $40 per click. As you might imagine, that retainer can vanish quickly. Once the value of the clicks equals the retainer, the “sponsored ads” disappear, leaving no trace of their existence.

So, how can you get your firm’s website to show up on Page One without breaking the bank? The bad news is that going the "traditional" route is not going to be cheap, no matter what. The good news is that the smaller firms can – and do – compete quite effectively using alternative methods.

Web 50 Solutions, Inc. offers a cost-effective alternative to the traditional “yellow” directory listings, which, to many, might be thought of as the only business lawyer marketing strategy available. We specialize in Organic SEO for lawyers, using proven methods and strategies that could catapult your website's listings to the top of the major search engines.

We offer start-to-finish website development and hosting, along with Organic search engine optimization and quality link building to establish your firm on the Web and increase its visibility. But, we don’t stop there: We constantly monitor your chosen (and highly relevant) key phrases for performance and adjust the hidden code as necessary to maintain top rankings. And, if you ever have a problem with your site, a specialist is available 24/7 to address urgent issues. can successfully win top search engine rankings using proven Organic SEO strategies for business attorneys who specialize in new business entities, product liability, securities, business litigation, intellectual property, environmental law, civil law and many other areas of practice. Call us today to see how we can help you!