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Organic SEO for Family Law and Divorce Attorneys

Organic SEO for Family Law Attorneys

Family law is an extremely competitive area of practice, and many family law firms are small practices with equally small advertising budgets. Local “yellow” directories or referrals from courts might combine for the bulk of a given family law firm's marketing strategy. Unforunately, “yellow” directory ads are very expensive – even for a small ¼-page ad! So, how can small firms get more targeted exposure without spending big bucks?

The good news is that the smaller firms have an alternative to "traditional" marketing strategies. They are affordable and very effective. The Internet has become the place where most people go to search for legal services. This is not conjecture; sales for “yellow” directory ads continue to drop at an alarming rate nationwide, year after year. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a buzzword used by many companies, each vying for your family law firm's marketing dollars.

Web 50 Solutions, Inc. is an Organic SEO company specializing in websites for law firms. “Organic” means that the methods we use do not involve “fooling” the search engines or exorbitant pay-per-click ad campaigns. Our proven, always-evolving methodologies can help position your website to reach the tops of search results in the “Organic” section – not in the extremely expensive “sponsored links” section.

While many companies brag about getting sites to the top of the search engines, few deliver. Some might even guarantee results, but they won’t tell you what methods they use to get those results. Why is that? Because these companies generally tend to use methods that “manipulate” or “fool” the search engines into awarding top placement. These methods work fast and might rocket you up to Page One quickly. But one day, not long after, you’re nowhere to be seen. This happens because the search engines quickly figure out who is manipulating their system, and often see fit to slap the offending website with the ultimate penalty: blacklisting.

We’re different, because we don’t apply methods that the search engines punish. We apply what we call “white hat” methods. These methods involve quality, Organic SEO – a method of natural and steady movement up to the tops of the search engines. We follow each search engine's acceptable methods to improve placement of your website by making it more relevant in the eyes of the engine. successfully gains top search engine rankings for family law attorneys nationwide using proven Organic SEO strategies for clients who specialize in divorce, child custody, spousal support, pre-marital agreements, paternity and more. Call us today to see what we can do for your law firm!